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Trending News: JLF: Shashi Tharoor’s advice to Gehlot – speak carefully about your partner, I don’t even insult other leaders

MP Shashi Tharoor at Jaipur Literature Festival.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said on the ongoing tussle between CM Ashok Gehlot and former deputy CM Pilot in Rajasthan and the use of words like Nalayak, Nakara-Nikamma, Gaddar, Corona on behalf of Gehlot – Politics should not have reached this level. Tharoor said- When we are speaking about our colleagues, then we should speak after thinking a little. It is a matter of pride that I have been in politics for 14 years, till now I have not attacked anyone. Never tried to say or provoke anything like this about anyone. Once or twice I have said that “I do not want to wrestle in the mud.” By saying this, I avoided some issues.

I would not want to insult the leaders of other parties like this.

Talking to the media on Saturday, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who came to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival, said – I request my colleagues that it is not good to say this about my own brothers and sisters. It is better that we try to iron out our differences, although people may have different views. But, of course there could be other ways of saying it. Anything can be said in private also. I would also like that inside the party we should live with each other with love. Tharoor said – “In fact, I would not like to insult the leaders of other parties like this.” Because in our politics, ultimately everyone should have good faith. Everyone wants the country to become better. If our ideology and faith get votes, then the country will become better. It is necessary for the progress of the society, but in this situation silence is often underestimated.

Does everyone have an opinion within the BJP?

Tharoor said – Whatever may be the party in our country, not everyone has the same opinion within it. Does every person within BJP have the same opinion on every subject? I think in a democracy there can be difference of opinion between two persons. If your ideology is the same and you are fighting for the same cause, then the party will have to decide who will lead in the end. You know who is leading in BJP and who is leading in Congress. This doesn’t mean that other people don’t consider themselves successful, but they are not in power right now. I think internal fighting is the reality of every party. Some or the other, there are some differences, but in the end the big question is that all the Congress leaders are against the BJP. If we want any person to get this responsibility or someone else decides that this responsibility should be given to someone else. These are all very small things compared to the bigger issues.

Raising questions is not a sign of suppressing the judiciary

On the questions being raised by the Congress leaders on the judiciary, Tharoor said – I think raising questions is not a sign of the party suppressing the judiciary. In fact, we believe that the Constitution has given an independent and autonomous status to the Judiciary. We feel that this principle is not being followed by those in power. In fact, he has the ability to create pressure on the Judiciary. We wish to be stronger than the Judiciary. Also try to remind them that the Constitution is on their side when it comes to their rights.

no time to write on romance

Do you want to write something on romance? On the question, Tharoor said – I have not been writing novels for 20-21 years. Because there are so many important subjects in our country, whose treatment is worth writing a book. That’s why I wrote all those subjects in books. That’s why I didn’t get a chance to write romance. One day you will send me out of politics, then maybe I can think of writing everything. Anyway, when I get the book out, someone writes to me and a letter comes asking when your next novel is going to come out. I reply that I will not get time now, I will definitely write when I get it.

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