Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Trending News: How much temperature, how much visibility? Read IMD’s latest update on record breaking cold

IMD Alert: The cold is increasing in the northern parts of India. Regarding the weather patterns, it has been told by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) that from the end of this year (2022) till the beginning of the new year, cold wave conditions will be seen. According to IMD’s senior scientist RK Jenamani, there is no possibility of rain at all, but there will be a strong cold wave in many North Indian states including Delhi-Haryana.

The Meteorological Department said that in the national capital (Delhi) today the humidity will be -92, the wind speed will be WSW 4.3 km/h and the wind speed will be 5.1 km/h. Apart from this, the effect of Sheetalkar running from Nainital is also affecting Delhi, due to which Delhi is getting colder. There is a possibility that there will be dense fog here for two days. This week there will be severe winter in North India.

sunset before 6 pm

Today the sunrise in Delhi will be at 07:13 am (IST) and the sunset will be at 17:33 before 6 pm. There will be dense fog here and there. In the past too, due to the fog, the visibility was very low.

Cold wave till the beginning of the new year

The Meteorological Department’s office said that northwesterly dry and cold winds will continue in northwest India. Apart from this, there may be a decrease in cold wave in parts of western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana. There may also be a slight increase in temperature in these states. According to IMD, there is light snowfall in the upper reaches of the Western Himalayas, due to which there is a possibility of another Western Disturbance around 30 and 31 December. Moderate snowfall is also possible during that time. On New Year’s Eve, the temperature may fall once again. There is a possibility of severe winter in the beginning of the first week of January.

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