Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Trending News: Have you also received this message of SBI YONO account being blocked? Know its truth

SBI YONO Account: People involved in cybercrime adopt different tactics regarding bank fraud. These days a message from State Bank of India (SBI) is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this message alert, users are being asked to add PAN card through a link to update their SBI YONO Account.

This fake message is becoming increasingly viral among people. The Government of India has warned people about this message. The official PIB Fact Check of the Government of India has alerted SBI customers about the fraud message.

PIB said, “SBI users should not click on the link in such message. By clicking on the link, you can lose all your money in your bank account. Also, there is a fear of theft of personal data.”

Hackers can ask for netbanking password, debit or credit card OTP

At the same time, SBI has already alerted its customers in this regard. SBI said, “Hackers can also ask for SMS netbanking password, debit or credit card OTP (One Time Password) or other important details on customers’ mobile for fraud.”

‘Hackers can give temptation to win prize money’

Some of the smart tricks employed by hackers include inducing greed by saying that you have won prize money of Rs. For this hackers share you OTP to get money in your bank account. So, always remember that bank officials do not ask any customer for personal and confidential banking information through mobile networks like SMS, links or other means.

SBI does not call customers to get password

SBI’s website also states, “State Bank or any of its representative will never send you email/SMS or call you to collect your personal information, password or one time SMS (high security) password.”

Give information to SBI on this mail id

If you are falling prey to these things, then you should always be alert. [email protected]. But the bank should be mailed. After this SBI will help its customers to avoid cybercrime.

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