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Trending News: ‘Friend’ Taliban also ridiculed Pakistan, said- who will take the poor Pakistan

Taliban Over Debt: Right now there are some countries in the world whose economic condition is not better. The name of India’s neighboring country Pakistan is also included in this. The economic situation there is so bad that they have to sell the building of the ambassador in America as well. There, even the prices of everyday things are skyrocketing. Pakistan keeps taking loans from other countries continuously. Sometimes from China, Saudi Arabia and sometimes from the World Bank.

The whole world is making fun of Pakistan’s poverty. Now the name of a country has been added to it. He is none other than his closest friend Afghanistan. Pakistan has been supporting Taliban from the beginning. Significantly, the Taliban had captured Afghanistan in the year 2021.

Taliban commander mocked!

Recently, Taliban commander General Mobin Khan made fun of Pakistan. A video of this is going viral, in which it is being claimed that when he was asked that you are about to cross the border of Pakistan. To this he replied, “Even if Pakistan gives me itself, I will not take it. Who will repay their debt?”

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At this time the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not going well. At this time, such a thing can bring more bitterness in the relations between the two countries.

condition of pakistani economy

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen from USD 20 billion in August to a record low of USD 8 billion in 2021, underscoring the country’s inability to make certain international payments. Pakistan’s foreign direct investment fell by 52 percent in the first four months of the current financial year in view of the country’s dismal economic condition. According to a report published in Dawn, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday, December 28, assured investors that Pakistan will not default despite being in a bad economic condition.

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