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Trending News: Fraud gang busted in the name of part time job, used to make elderly such victims

Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Crime: The Cyber ​​Crime Branch of Mumbai Police has busted the gang providing online part time jobs. This gang used to send messages offering part-time jobs through social media apps like Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal, and those who fell in their trap became victims of fraud.

According to DCP Balsingh Rajput of Mumbai Cyber ​​Crime Branch, these gangs used to cheat in the name of providing part time jobs in big companies like Amazon, Flipkart. In this, first he used to send the link, after that he was asked to download an app and then he was asked to buy the product.

How was the cheating?
It was said that if you make a purchase in this, then instead of that your points are made and you will get this much amount as a bonus. Initially, people used to get money in this, then when he used to tell the second task, then people used to get trapped in it, by doing this he used to cheat people.

Fraud with retired elderly
The Mumbai Cyber ​​Cell had received a complaint that a retired elderly person had been cheated of about Rs 35 lakh. The police started investigating the matter and this gang was busted.
According to the police, such people get trapped in their clutches who are looking for online part time jobs. Many retired, young people also become victims among these people. So far 18 accused have been arrested in this case.

News reels

These people used to make fake sim cards
This gang used to create fake SIM cards and fake bank accounts. A Taiwanese person has also been arrested in this gang. The police is now ascertaining whether the connection of this gang is at the international level, and whether the money collected from this fraud was used, it is being investigated.

Police got many bank accounts
When the Mumbai Police busted this gang, it got more than 150 bank accounts of about 18 banks from this gang. Which is being used for cheating. Police personnel have also received mobile SIM cards in the name of more than 150 others. Paper and rubber stamps of many big companies have also been recovered in this. Further investigation is also going on in this matter. The police have also arrested several bank officials in this case who were associated with this gang.

What is the appeal of Mumbai Police?
Mumbai Police has appealed after the bust of this gang that if any such message is received in the name of online job, then the police need to be careful about it and its complaint should be lodged with the Cyber ​​Cell of Mumbai. ) but definitely do.

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