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Trending News: Find the potato in the crowd of hamsters present in the picture, only 7 seconds to complete the challenge!

Spot The Object Puzzle: Nowadays many types of puzzles go viral on social media and these puzzles are also liked a lot. One such optical illusion is confusing people at the moment and people are failing to find the correct answer. In the picture, you have to find a potato (Can You Spot a Potato in This Picture), which is present in front, but is not visible to anyone. Very few people have been able to find it.

The puzzle that we have brought for you today is easy to see, but it is a bit confusing. Many hamsters are visible in this picture and the challenge is that you have to find a potato among them. You have a total of 7 seconds to complete this challenge. Then what is the delay, let’s start.

find potato in picture
You can see a lot of hamsters in this picture shared on the social media platform Instagram. Their size and color are also different. A potato is also placed in the middle of these caricatured hamsters, the challenge is for you to find it. If you pay attention, you will definitely get potatoes, but this challenge is because you have to do this work within 7 seconds.

A potato is also kept in the middle of these hamsters, the challenge is for you to find it. (Credit- Instagram/Instagram/Max Knoblauch)

Have you got potatoes?
Such puzzles are designed in such a way that the viewers get confused but here the test is of your ability to concentrate. If you look carefully, you will see potato right in front of you.

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You haven’t seen potato yet, so you can see it in the picture.

By the way, we hope that you must have enjoyed this fun puzzle and also completed this challenge in time. Still, if you haven’t seen potato yet, you can see it in the picture.

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