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Trending News: End of love story started in Russia-Ukraine war, girlfriend performed last rites in Varanasi

Ukrainian Man Dies in Varanasi: After losing several members of his family in the Russia-Ukraine War, 50-year-old Ukrainian citizen Kostiantin Belyaev converted to Sanatan Dharma in Haridwar and named himself ‘Kripa Baba’. Belyaev reportedly ended his life on Christmas night at a guest house in Narad Ghat area of ​​Bhelupur area of ​​Varanasi. His Russian girlfriend was staying in the same guest house but that day she had gone out of town for some work.

On getting the news of her lover’s death, she came back to the guest house and performed the last rites of Kostiantin. Both knew each other for years before coming to India. ACP Praveen Kumar Singh said, “When we reported the matter to the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​the Russian woman came forward and expressed her desire to perform the last rites of Belyaev’s body.” As per the norms laid down for performing last rites of any foreigner, we were waiting for the decision of the Ukrainian Embassy.

Ukrainian Embassy contacted the mother of Kostyantyn Belyaev

Officials of the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the local intelligence unit said, “The Ukrainian embassy contacted Belyayev’s mother. Who gave permission for cremation. After this we checked our records and found that a girl from Ukraine Yana Chernenya was studying in Sampooranand Sanskrit University in Kashi and contacted her. As instructed by their embassy, ​​Chernenya and the Russian woman cremated Belyayev’s body on 29 December.” “I am very hurt and sad,” he said. He declined to comment further.

Kostiantin Belyaev was associated with Haridwar’s Pilot Baba Ashram

Dr. Lekhmani Tripathi of Sampooranand Sanskrit University said, “Beliav was associated with the Pilot Baba Ashram of Haridwar. When his Russian friend contacted us, we gave some customs advice. Because Beliaev Pilot had come after taking ‘retirement’ from the ‘disciple tradition’ of Baba Ashram. The Russian friend is listening to the chanting of ‘Garuda Purana’ and is also trying to perform other rituals with the help of local priests.

Lost many family members in Russia-Ukraine war

Belyaev told the manager of the guest house that he would go to an ashram in Sasaram (Bihar) on 25 December. However, on 26 December, when the door did not open for a long time, the staff members entered the room with the help of another key and found his body hanging from the ceiling. No suicide note has been found from the spot. According to people from Narad Ghat and surrounding areas, Belyayev spoke to them often and was depressed after losing several family members in the Russo-Ukraine War. Belyaev also used to talk about ‘salvation’ after death in Varanasi.

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