Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Trending News: Education Minister in defense of the announcement statement from the loudspeaker installed in the temple-mosque

Haryana: The Haryana government had asked to wake up the students through loudspeakers installed in temples and mosques. Haryana’s Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar, while justifying this instruction of the state government, said that this will not only help the children to wake up early, but their health will also be maintained.

Education Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar said, “One who wakes up early in the morning is benefited from the point of view of health and education. If the society and parents cooperate in this effort, then definitely the children will get good education.” There is nothing wrong in making announcements from religious places to wake up children in the morning, he said.

This instruction is in the interest of children – Haryana Education Minister

Haryana Education Minister further said, this instruction of the state government is in the interest of the children only. We made announcements from religious places in the morning and asked them to wake up. There is nothing wrong in this from anywhere. Emphasizing his point further, he said that, it is often said that waking up early in the morning and studying makes the mind sharp. If the society and the parents of the children cooperate in this effort then the children will surely study well.

Children to be picked up at 4.30 am

The Haryana minister said that further decision will be taken after seeing the results. All we want is that the children study well. The state education department also requested the school authorities to ask the parents to pick up the children at 4.30 am.

Congress criticized the instructions of the state government

Congress leader and former education minister of Haryana Geeta Bhukkal criticized the announcement of the state government and said that all this is being done to divert the attention of the people from the crumbling education system.

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