Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Trending News: Chirag Paswan said – Nitish’s liquor policy is not clear, changed after ‘gaining knowledge’ in 2016

Bihar Liquor Death: LJP (Ram Vilas) leader Chirag Paswan made a big attack on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) on Monday (December 19) in cases of death due to spurious liquor in Bihar. He raised questions on the decision of not giving compensation to the families of those who lost their lives in the liquor case. Chirag said in an interview to News 24 that compensation must be given to the families of those killed. Till 2016, your policy was something else.

Chirag further said, “At that time 19 people had died in Gopalganj, so you had given compensation to their families. The Chief Minister’s policy is not clear. Sometimes he opened liquor shops from door to door. In 2016, he got the knowledge that liquor ban Sometimes they give compensation, sometimes they refuse. Chirag asked the question to CM Nitish Kumar that what is the fault of that 20-day-old girl who lost her father. Why doesn’t the Chief Minister sympathize with him?

‘Chief Minister cursed’

Continuing his attack on CM Nitish Kumar, Chirag Paswan said that the Chief Minister said in one of his statements that the one who drinks will die. They were cursed and those people also died. More than 200 people have died after drinking spurious liquor. After that the Chief Minister should tell that whom he has arrested. He said that the one who dies has died, but what about those who feed him? Against whom has the government taken action? Was a smuggler arrested in this case?

News reels

Chirag said that the Nitish government has locked the poor and downtrodden people of the society behind bars. They have put toddy sellers in jail, whereas toddy is a natural substance. On the charge of selling toddy, the CM has imposed prohibition clauses. On the other hand, those who are running this poisonous liquor nexus are roaming freely under the protection of the administration. He said that Dalits and backward people are being targeted in the name of prohibition law. Especially the people of Parsi community are being tortured more. Chirag Paswan said that President’s rule should be imposed in Bihar. Apart from that there is no other option left.

Chirag met the relatives of the dead

Earlier on Saturday, Chirag Paswan had met the relatives of the deceased in the liquor case in Chhapra, Bihar. The family members started crying bitterly by hugging Chirag. Chirag had demanded the Bihar government to give proper compensation to the relatives of the deceased. Significantly, a total of 73 people have died due to spurious liquor in Chhapra. Some sick are still admitted in the hospital. The condition of many of them remains critical.

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