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Trending News: BMW i Vision Dee: BMW introduced color changing car, will hug and talk! watch video

Technology lovers eagerly wait for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). And why not, every year some amazing products are presented in this event, seeing which the audience gnaws at their teeth. In the show held in Las Vegas, this year also companies have unveiled many of their tremendous products. BMW Group (BMW Group) introduced its ‘futuristic’ mid-size sedan i Vision Dee at CES 2023. This car is being considered as the next generation vehicle. The specialty of BMW i Vision Dee is that this car is equipped with an advanced color change technology which can change its color as per the choice of the user.

BMW also showcased its first color-changing car, the iX Flow concept, at CES last year. However, the car could only be converted into White, Black and Gray colours. But the new BMW i Vision Dee car can transform itself into 32 colours.

how to change color

The body surface of the car is divided into 240 E Ink segments, each of which can be individually controlled. The company claims that it can generate and change many types of patterns (infinite) within a second. This means that with just one command, the BMW i Vision Dee car can transform into 32 different colours. This means that the BMW i Vision Dee can be changed to a solid colour. This allows the car to generate and change almost unlimited types of patterns within seconds, BMW said in its statement. This technology has been developed by the in-house engineers of the BMW Group.

The car will also talk!

BMW i Vision Dee is an electric sports sedan car, which is being linked to future mobility. The company claims that this car can not only change colour, but it also talks to you. E-paper segments have also been used on the car’s wheels and grille, which create “facial expressions” as well as react with artificial intelligence (AI).


The car also includes BMW’s Mixed Reality slider in combination with the advanced Head-Up Display (HUD), which uses shy-tech sensors on the instrument panel. Through this, car drivers themselves can decide how much digital content they want to see on the advanced HUD. Selectable options include analogue, driving details, communication system content, augmented reality projection, dimmed windows and virtual world entry.

What is technology – watch video

When BMW introduced this car during the CES show, famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was also present on the stage. The company has also made a short film about Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which it is shown how this electric car works. You can also watch this film in the video below. It has also been told in this video that this car will also do a virtual hug.

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