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Trending News: Anjali was going to hit the truck by saying ‘boyfriend me how…’, Nidhi narrated the story

Delhi Girl Dragging Case: Now a new shocking information has come to the fore regarding the painful accident that happened with the girl in Kanjhawala, Delhi. At the time of the accident, along with the deceased Anjali, her friend Nidhi was also present on the scooty, who survived. Now his friend disclosed that another accident was going to happen that night before the accident, which Anjali herself was going to do. His friend has made many more revelations.

On Tuesday (January 3), it was revealed from the CCTV footage of the hotel that Anjali was accompanied by her friend at the time of the incident. At the same time, the hotel employee had claimed that Anjali had come to the hotel on the evening of 31 December and both had booked the room. The hotel employee had claimed that both were drunk and the two friends had a fight late at night. After this both of them left on the scooty.

After the CCTV footage surfaced, Nidhi also came forward and gave complete information about the incident. He told that Anjali was drunk and he even stopped Anjali from driving but she did not agree.

Anjali had a fight with her boyfriend
Nidhi also told that Anjali had a boyfriend too, who had also come to the hotel that night. Nidhi told that during this time Anjali also had a fight with her boyfriend.

Talking to India Today, Nidhi told that she went to the hotel with Anjali at around 8 pm on 31 December. According to Nidhi, Anjali’s friends had come to the hotel, including her boyfriend, while none of her friends were present there except Anjali. He told that Anjali had a fight with her boyfriend in the hotel. In the conversation, Nidhi said that she was not in the room during that time.

Was angry with boyfriend leaving
Nidhi told that Anjali’s boyfriend was leaving her, for which she was very angry. When she came back, Anjali asked her to leave, on which she came out with Anjali.

According to the story told by the friend of the deceased Anjali, Anjali was very drunk at the time of the incident. She was not conscious. The friend also asked Anjali not to drive the car but she did not agree and said, “I will drive the car.”

‘Scooty was going to collide with the truck’
Nidhi told that Anjali was very angry after a fight with her boyfriend. The special thing was that another accident was about to happen that night, which if it had happened, both would have died. A truck was going in front of both of them, in which Anjali was going to fight her scooty. Nidhi told that Anjali was saying, “How can my boyfriend leave me, I will marry.” Saying this, she pushed the scooty towards the truck. Nidhi stopped the scooty by applying brakes from behind. After that Nidhi stopped the scooty and said, “You will sit only if the scooty is driven properly.” Then I sat with him and after going a short distance, the car hit the scooty in front.

After hitting the car, Nidhi fell to the side while Anjali came under the car. According to Nidhi, the youths in the car knew that the girl had come under the car, yet they did not stop. He took the car back once and then took it forward. Anjali trapped under the car was crying but the car did not stop.

Why hasn’t the friend come forward yet?
On the question of why her friend did not come forward for three days after the accident, Nidhi told the media that she had become hopeless after the accident. He could not understand what to do. Was afraid that everyone would blame him for the incident. Due to this fear, she went home on foot and told her mother about the incident.

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