Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Trending News: Alert in India regarding Corona, keep these things in mind – Government has also issued advisory

Coronavirus Alert: In many countries of the world, once again the threat of corona virus is looming. Cases are increasing continuously from China to America. The situation is that many countries have also started imposing restrictions. In view of this, the Government of India has also started preparing, as well as the state governments have also called meetings. Recently, in view of the danger of corona, an advisory was issued by the government, in which it was advised to wear masks and take necessary precautions. Let us know what are the rules and guidelines regarding Corona in the country right now.

Restrictions were lifted when the corona cases were reduced
In India, Corona caused havoc in the first and second wave, hundreds of people lost their lives and the system of hospitals also collapsed. However, after this the situation kept improving and there was a continuous decrease in cases. With the decrease in the cases, the corona restrictions also started relaxing. Finally, from April 1, 2022, all kinds of restrictions were removed.

Now once again the danger of corona is increasing, in such a situation the government is advising people to adopt Covid appropriate behaviour. Let us know what are the precautions regarding Corona, which the government is advising to take.

What is Covid Appropriate Behavior?

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  • If you meet someone, greet him without physical touch i.e. without shaking hands or hugging. For this you can greet with folded hands.
  • Social distancing has been said to be necessary to deal with Corona. For this, it was said to make a distance of two yards. So that the corona can be prevented from spreading.
  • People have been advised by the government to use reusable face masks made by hand. Wear a mask, especially in crowded places.
  • If you are outside, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. For this, you can use hand sanitizer first. Keep washing your hands continuously.
  • It has also been advised by the government to avoid spitting in the open to prevent corona. Due to this, the risk of spreading corona remains high.
  • It has been advised to travel only when it is very necessary to prevent corona. Also, it has been said that do not be a part of a crowded place, that is, keep yourself away from the crowd.
  • Do not post any such post on social media, which is at risk of spreading negative information or fear. If you want to get any information about Corona, then use a credible source for that.

Let us tell you that all these things come under the Kovid Appropriate Behavior, which was issued by the Ministry of Health of India regarding Corona. To follow which advisory has been issued. However, all the experts and the government say that there is no need for panic in India at present regarding Corona.

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