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Trending News: 4 years’ salary accumulated in the account, the employees were happy! Learn about the case in detail …

Employees Surprised to Get 4 Years Salary as Bonus: As such, all the companies keep making some or the other policies to keep their employees happy. Although some companies and bosses do so that they collect global headlines. For example, a company has given a total of 50 months salary to its employees as bonus, not 4-6 months.

The company wanted to please some of its selected employees because it was because of them that the business of the company has been excellent even during the Corona period. The company gave him a huge bonus along with the salary. It has been named Stellar Bonus because the year 2022 has been excellent for the company in terms of business and profit. The company doing this is Evergreen Marine Corporation of Taiwan.

4 years salary received as bonus
It is reported that Taiwan’s shipping company Evergreen Marine Corp has given salary bonus of about 4 years to some of its selected employees. A person associated with the company gave this information on condition of anonymity. Only those employees who are working in Taiwan are entitled to the bonus. They have got bonus on the basis of job grade and work. The Taipei-based company, while not giving much information on the matter, has said that it is a year-end bonus, which is given according to individual performance and company’s profits.

why the company was kind
Actually, the shipping industry has benefited a lot during the Corona period. This is the reason that freight prices have increased and demand has also increased. The profit of the company has also increased to 1 lakh 70 thousand crores as compared to 2020. Lakhs of rupees were given to such employees as bonus. While publishing about this, a Taipei newspaper said that not everyone has got this much bonus. Regarding this, the employees of the company working in Shanghai have called discrimination, who were given only 5-8 percent of the salary as bonus.

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