Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Transactions will not fail on Google Pay, follow these easy tips


  • Transaction will not fail on Google Pay
  • You can save with easy tips
  • There will be no tension of deducting money

New Delhi.
There are times when you do a transaction on Google Pay but it fails. In such a situation, you are afraid that the money may not get deducted and it may not reach to whom you are sending money. If this happens to you many times, then today we are going to tell you some easy tips, with the help of which you can send money many times without the failure of the transaction.

Use good internet connection

You might not know but if you are using good internet connection then the transaction will never fail. In fact, the bank’s servers are often more accessible from the Internet. If your internet connection is slow then you will not be able to complete the transaction properly. In such a situation, either use a good internet connection or do transactions in WiFi only.

Once the transaction fails, wait for a while

If once a transaction fails with your smartphone, then you do not have to do another transaction immediately because if you do this then there is a possibility of failure of the second transaction, so wait for a while and then do another transaction. If you do not do this, then the transaction will fail again and again and money can also be deducted.

waiting for green signal

When you do a transaction, you are shown through an indicator that now you can do the transaction well, it is a green color signal which tells that it is the right time to do the transaction, after that you do the transaction. Once scanned, wait for a few seconds, only after that do money transactions. If you do not hurry, then the transaction process will be completed well and the transaction will not fail and the money will reach the person you want to send money easily.


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