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Toshu’s mother does not like to watch her son’s show, the actor said – ‘My every effort is in vain’

Ashish Mehrotra Mother Do Not Watch Anupama: In every episode of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey, the entire cast of ‘Anupamaa’ is doing a great job in terms of acting. But one of the actors who stands out among the young actors is Ashish Mehrotra. The character of Paritosh aka Toshu has not been shown very well in this show at all. The fans of the show hate him/her because he/she is a carbon copy of his/her father Vanraj Shah. But now, Toshu is bedridden due to a paralytic stroke. his/her wife, Kinjal, is juggling between taking care of him/her and a young child. Anupama decides to come to Shah house to reduce the burden of Kinjal and others.

Every attempt to persuade the mother failed
Ashish Mehrotra said that when he/she heard about Toshu having a stroke, he/she did not lose heart. As an actor, he/she saw this as an opportunity to present something different and challenge himself. Ashish Mehrotra did not see other actors playing such patients because he/she did not want to copy anyone. But he/she says he/she has seen some patients in real life. But one person is troubled by the track and that is his/her mother. he/she did not like the sight of his/her son being paralyzed on TV. Ashish Mehrotra told in an interview, “Ever since this track started, my mother has stopped watching the show. I tried to persuade her but all in vain.”

Ashish plays his/her role with passion
Ashish Mehrotra said that they have to keep their face and body tilted to one side and maintain that position for a long time. It seems that it is difficult to be normal even after the end of a scene. he/she said that this show has made him/her more sensitive towards paralyzed patients. Ashish Mehrotra is playing a brilliant role in the show, Dhokebaaz Pati Yo Battameez Beta being Toshu in every role, Ashish has always given ten on ten performance.

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