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Tonga Volcano Eruption: A tsunami struck after an underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga, how much was the damage?

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Countries located near New Zealand Tonga A volcanic eruption has occurred in the sea near After which a tsunami warning was issued in view of the huge waves moving towards the coast. People have been sent to nearby high places to save them. There is no report of loss of life or property due to these waves so far. The main reason for this is that the services of communication in this island country are not that good. The eruption occurred at the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano in Tonga.

Videos posted on social media showed large waves surrounding homes and buildings in coastal areas. New Zealand’s military said it was monitoring the situation and was ready to help if needed. A satellite image shows a mushroom-shaped plume of ash, steam and gas rising over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Tsunami warning from volcanic eruption
The Tonga Meteorological Service said a tsunami warning was in effect for the whole of Tonga, and data from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center detected waves as high as 80 cm. Authorities in nearby Fiji and Samoa have also issued warnings and instructed people to avoid approaching the beach in view of strong and dangerous waves. About 1,05,000 people live in Tonga.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency said there could be a slight rise in the water level near the coast of Japan, but it is not expected to cause damage. The Island Business news site reported that a convoy of police and military forces pulled King Taupo VI of Tonga out of his palace near the beach. Many residents, including King Taupo VI, have been moved to the upper reaches.

Pebbles and ashes raining from the sky
A Twitter user named Dr. Fakyloetonga TaumoFolau shared a video in which the waves are seen crossing the shore and going into the residential area. He wrote that I can actually hear the sound of the volcano erupting, it sounds very dangerous. Ashes and small pebbles are raining down, the sky is dark. Earlier, the Matangi Tonga news site reported that scientists had witnessed massive explosions, thunder and lightning after the volcano became active early on Friday.

A plume of smoke was seen rising in the sea in satellite pictures
Images obtained from the satellite show a plume of smoke rising to a height of about 20 kilometers (12 mi) in the sky. At the same time, officials in New Zealand, located more than 2,300 kilometers (1,400 mi) away, warned of a storm due to the explosion. The National Emergency Management Agency said “strong and unusual waves could be accompanied by unexpected surges” off the coast in parts of New Zealand following a major volcanic eruption.

On Saturday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the tsunami threat over American Samoa appears to have passed, however, light fluctuations at sea will continue. This volcano is located approximately 64 kilometers (40 mi) north of the capital Nukualofa. Previously, a series of volcanic eruptions in the region in late 2014 and early 2015 caused a small new island to form and international air travel to the Pacific archipelago nation was disrupted for several days.


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