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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Today’s weather 18 June 2024: Soon relief from heat, monsoon is not far now, weather will change in these states including Delhi-Bihar, know weather updates

Today’s weather June 18, 2024: Now a fortnight of June has passed, but the monsoon has not become active yet. On the other hand, heatwave and increase in temperature in entire North India including Delhi has made life difficult for the people. The maximum temperature is not ready to come below 40 degrees, after the coolers and fans failed, now sometimes even the AC gives up in front of this intense heat. Talking about Delhi, there are signs of light rain on 19 and 20 June, but the temperature will not decrease. People in UP, Bihar, Punjab including hilly states are also helpless in front of the heat. However, people are expecting good rain after 20 June.Drizzle in Delhi in two days
Delhiites can get relief from scorching heat soon. If the weather department is to be believed, there may be drizzle on 19th and 20th June. The people of the capital, scorching in the 45 degree temperature, are now waiting for the monsoon. A yellow alert for heatwave has been issued today. The maximum temperature will be 45 and the minimum temperature will be 34 degrees. Despite light drizzle on 19th and 20th, the maximum temperature will remain at 43 degrees. Strong winds will blow from 21st to 23rd June and the sky will remain partially cloudy. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature is expected to be 43 and the minimum temperature 33 degrees.

How much will the heat bother Uttar Pradesh?

Talking about UP, here too the monsoon rains will not come without making us wait. Due to the slow pace of monsoon, the people of Uttar Pradesh are still facing the heat. During this period, the weather is expected to remain dry in western UP, while there is a possibility of rain and thundershowers in some parts of eastern UP. The day and night of Prayagraj have been the hottest in the country for the third consecutive day. The temperature in Lucknow was also recorded at 46 degrees. On Tuesday, i.e. today, a red alert has been issued for severe heat wave in many districts including Banda, Chitrakoot, Kaushambi, Prayagraj.

Know the condition of hilly areas

Talking about the hilly areas, the heat wave will continue in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand with the weather remaining clear. There is an orange alert for heat wave here today, while a yellow alert has been issued from 19 to 21 June. There is also a possibility of thunderstorms during this period.

The condition of other states

Punjab and Haryana are also burning
Talking about Punjab and Haryana, there is a yellow and orange alert for heat wave from 18 to 21 June. There is a possibility of thunderstorms here too during this period. The Meteorological Department has also predicted strong winds during this time.

What is the condition of Rajasthan?

Talking about the eastern and western parts of Rajasthan, there is severe heat here too. A yellow alert for heatwave has been issued from 18 to 21 June. This means that there will be some relief here only after 21 June.

Know the condition of MP-Bihar

Pre-monsoon season is continuing in Madhya Pradesh. Heavy rains occurred in Rewa and nearby cities on Monday. Heavy rain alert has been issued in many areas. It is being said that monsoon may reach MP on 19th or 20th June. Talking about Bihar, rain alert has been issued here today as well.

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