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Today the increase in the price of petrol and diesel has been recorded in many cities. check new price

Petrol Diesel Price in 01 December 2022: An increase in the prices of crude oil has been recorded in the international market. After the increase in the price of Brent crude oil in the last 24 hours, it is around $ 85.43 per barrel. Talking about WTI crude oil, it has increased to around $ 80.73 per barrel. The effect of this increase is visible on the prices of petrol and diesel today. Today in Noida, after an increase of 17 paise in petrol and 17 paise in diesel, it is being sold at Rs 96.76 per liter and Rs 89.93 per litre. After an increase of 29-29 paise, petrol and diesel in Gurugram is being sold at Rs 97.18 per liter and Rs 90.05 per litre.

Talking about Patna, after a reduction of 14 paise in the price of petrol and a reduction of 12 paise in the price of diesel, it is being sold at Rs 107.24 per liter and Rs 94.04 per litre. The special thing is that no change has been registered in the petrol-diesel price in the metropolitan cities of the country. It remains at its old price.

Today’s price of petrol and diesel in metros-

  • Petrol Rs 96.65 in Delhi, diesel Rs 89.82 per liter
  • Petrol Rs 106.31, diesel Rs 94.27 per liter in Mumbai
  • Petrol Rs 102.63, diesel Rs 94.24 per liter in Chennai
  • Petrol Rs 106.03, diesel Rs 92.76 per liter in Kolkata

New price is issued every day at 6 am.
Petrol-diesel price in India is determined by the country’s government oil companies such as Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum. The special thing is that after May 21, 2022, there has not been any major change in the petrol-diesel price in India. To control the rising prices of petrol and diesel in India in the month of May, the government had decided to reduce the excise duty of Rs 8 in the price of petrol. On the other hand, talking about diesel, excise duty was cut by Rs 6 per liter in its price. Since then, there has been no major change in its price.

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Check city-wise latest petrol-diesel price like this-
If you want to know about the prices of petrol and diesel in your city, then you can get this information through SMS. If you are a HPCL customer, send HPPRICE to 9222201122. If you are a BPCL customer, send RSP to 9223112222 to check the petrol-diesel price. Indian Oil (IOC) customers send RSP to 9224992249. The company will inform you about the petrol-diesel price of the city through a message.

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