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To make a child top and confident, then parents will have to do this one thing every day.

Hesitation and inability to make decisions act as hindrances in the growth of the child. These two factors prevent the child from knowing about things to the best of his ability. In such a situation, children need encouragement, and they should first get this encouragement from their parents. Children who are encouraged become confident and are able to face the difficulties in their life. If you are also a parent, then you should understand that the encouragement you get is very important and important in the development of the child. In this article, we are telling you in which ways you can encourage your child to try new things with confidence.

have some faith

Support your child even if he makes a mistake. The best way to motivate someone to move forward is to encourage them. When a child does something good, some parents just praise him. If you do this too, then change your behavior now.

access is not everything

Teach your child to take risks and try new things or paths. Stop him from being the trophy kid who tries to be on top of everything. Parents should teach their child that it is not necessary to be successful in everything in life, it is important to be satisfied.

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child’s achievements

Make an adventure diary in which you write down all the achievements of the child. Decorate this diary well and whenever the child looks sad or depressed, start encouraging him by showing this diary.

ask questions

Your child should know that you are always by his side. Ask him what he wants to do but is afraid to do it. Ask him how you can help him with this. Paul Smith, author of ‘Parenting with a Story’, told about this parenting method.


Instead of constantly trying to achieve your goal, make a habit of taking breaks in between. Due to this both his mind and mind will not get tired and he will feel refreshed.

go slow

If your child is taking time to learn a new thing or skill, support him in this. Do not make him feel that he is weak or his speed is slow. This breaks the confidence of the children. Every child’s speed of learning is different and you should not put pressure on your child for anything.

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