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To get relief from the heat, go to these hidden places of Manali, you will not want to return

Manali is known for its natural attractions. Due to its unmatched beauty and adventure activities, people often like to go there. People also visit Manali because of its proximity to Delhi and Noida. But if you are bored of visiting Manali every time and want to explore a new place, then there are many such secret places near Manali, which people do not know about till now. This place is quite peaceful and there is hardly any crowd here. Overall here you will find both peace and comfort. So let’s know about the hidden places near Manali.

Visit Pallikuhal

You have hardly heard the name of this place before. It takes 27 minutes to reach here from Manali. By the way Pallikuhal is a very beautiful place. After getting the peace and tranquility here, you will not even want to return from here. This place is counted among the offbeat places of Himachal Pradesh.

thondar places to visit

You must be laughing just hearing the name. But to be honest, this place is no less than a heaven. About 196 km from Himachal Pradesh, this place is famous for apple cultivation. Along with this, apples are also exported here. Along with apples in Thondar, you will also find cherry farms.

go to malana

Malana is a beautiful village full of secrets, two and a half hours away from Manali. People are getting attracted towards this village very fast. Interestingly, this village does not follow the Constitution of India. The village has its own democracy. The council here is called Hakima, which also has higher and lower courts. Here you will find many beautiful temples made of stone and wood.

There are also places to visit in the district.

Sajla is total 28 km away from Manali. Tourists come here to see the Vishnu temple and the waterfall. If you love trekking, then you will enjoy reaching this place. Because it can be reached only through trekking. On the way you will find dense forests which will have a different experience of its own.

soil place

Soil, located at a distance of 27 km from Himachal, is famous for tall trees and clean environment. Not many people know about this place till now. From Manali till Soil, you can travel only a short distance by car, after that you will have to travel on foot. The beautiful view here will win your heart. This is the best place for camping.

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