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Tire Maintenance: Along with the vehicle, it is also necessary to take care of the tyre, know here the complete information related to car tire maintenance

Photo: CANVA Tire maintenance is also important

Tire Maintenance: The look of a good car may come from its paint and interior, but the most important part of it is the tyres. You must have ever noticed that the tires of the vehicle also keep changing according to the model and variant of the vehicle. Vehicles of two different brands may appear to be of the same size, but by looking at their tyres, an expert can tell which vehicle is premium and which is economical.

It is the car tires that need the most care. You do not need to depend on the service center of your car for its maintenance, you can also maintain the tires of your car yourself.

Correct inflation pressure is essential

The age of a car tire is also determined by the pressure of the air in it. By keeping the right pressure, the car also runs smoothly and the tires also run long lasting. You can check your car’s tires every week with the help of a tire pressure gauge. It is a meter, which is very easy to attach to the tyre. You can attach it and check how much PSI air is in the car. What should be this PSI, it comes written with the manual of every car. Or you can also check the ideal PSI by entering the tire size of your car online.

needlessly rolling drifting is useless

Many times it happens that after buying a new car or seeing an empty space, the tires of your car also start drifting like racing cars. But taking care of the health of the tyre, this stunt should not be done. Racing cars are drifted because there is more distance to cover in less time through curvy roads. Due to drifting, the car tires are worn on one side and the balance of the car is bad. That is why the tires of racing cars have to be changed frequently.

Similarly, if the vehicle gets stuck in mud, snow or mud, then by repeatedly accelerating and rotating the tires at the same place, the tires get damaged. In such a situation, it is better to slowly move the car back and forth from that place, or to push it with the help of someone.

Correct alignment of tires is very important

Many times it also happens that after applying the stepney itself after a puncture, some people continue to drive even though the tires are not aligned properly. By doing this, there is a fear of tire damage, as well as there are chances of an accident. Therefore, it is very important to take the tire to a service center if it does not have proper alignment. Maintenance of your tires can be done by taking care of such small things.

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