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Tips For Writing email: Keep these things in mind while writing e-mail, you will get a good impression


  • How to write a formal e-mail?
  • Learn Simple Tips for Writing E-mails
  • Know which mistakes are important to avoid

Tips For Writing A Formal Email: E-mail has evolved so much in our life today, whether it is conversation with friends or office work, we use it everywhere. It has now become a major part of our formal dialogue. It must have happened to you too that you have gone to ask for leave from the boss waving your hands or complaining about computer failure from IT or talking about salary from HR. You will get reply from everywhere, send mail.

That’s why it becomes necessary that we should know how to write mail. Though just a little knowledge of the language and the email address of the person to write the mail is sufficient for writing informal mail, but in the case of formal email, things are different.

Enter mail id last
While writing mail, first write everything, subject, text everything. After that, if you want to add any attachment, then add that too. After this, proof-read your matter once. Because everyone makes some mistake, after that send your mail, if you have written the mail id before then it may be that the mail may be sent by mistake before its completion.

create your signature
You write thank you, etc. at the end of the mail, then put up the banner of your organization, and do this in every mail. Despite this, in every mail write the same thing. Better than this you can make a signature for your all time. This feature is available in every formal and informal mail platform from Gmail to Outlook.
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subject line required
While writing the mail, keep in mind that do not put important or urgent tag on every mail. Because by doing this you can definitely encourage people to see the mail a couple of times soon, but after that the mail viewer will start getting irritated and when you need the request, he will not pay attention. The subject line should be crisp and clear so that people can understand the meaning of the letter by looking at the envelope.

focus on font
Comic sens fonts are not good to look at, so what would you be using. But other than that there are many more amazing fonts that you can get attracted to. However, limit their use in the office to making the most of PPT, use Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Helvetica and Sans Serif fonts for mail.
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good font size
Use capital letters in English wisely, it is better to use another color or bold option to highlight something, instead of capital letters, because writing something in capital letters means talking angry .

Avoid using SMS and slang language
While sending official mail, avoid using the language of SMS and slangs. Slangs mean words like wanaa, gonna, yo man, supp. Whereas the language of SMS means thx, w8, BRB etc. Also, it would be better if you do not use emoji or emoticons. This is fine for internal mails, but avoid them completely for inter-departmental and inter-organizational mails.


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