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Tips For Debate: Prepare children for debate like this, confidence will increase

How To Prepare For A Debate: When you help your child improve his debating skills, train him to be not only a good speaker but also a good listener. It is best to start trying to develop this skill when children are young. Public speaking, such as debate, extempore and speech, help children express themselves and develop their thought process. Not only this, it also helps in boosting their confidence.

start when kids are young
Start developing debate skills when children are young. Help your child become confident by discussing different easy topics. For this you can discuss television shows, news topics etc.

pick their interest
To make the debate interesting for your child, start by offering a topic of interest to him. The topics could be advantages and disadvantages of using plastic, how Mahatma Gandhi helped India, why it is not good to cut trees, advantages and disadvantages of keeping pets at home etc. This will encourage the child to participate. At the same time they will be engaged in activities. Practicing at home will give them first-hand experience of what a debate is.
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give freedom to express your thoughts
Don’t interfere when your child expresses his views. Let them express what comes to their mind. It will help in developing their thinking skills and thought process. It will also give you a glimpse of the direction your child is thinking.

Help Them Understand ‘For or Against’
Help your child learn both sides of the topic to strengthen his side. This will help them to put forward their ideas in a better way. They will also be ready in advance to answer the opposition.
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reinforce their facts
It is necessary to know the facts properly for the debate. Help your child to do detailed research on the topic and clarify their facts. You can share your thoughts with them, help them find things on the internet, ask for the opinions of others to make the research relevant. This will help them to make their point in the right way. They can also prepare rough drafts or notes of the points they want to highlight.

fix their body posture
Our body posture and dressing sense matter a lot when we participate in a debate. Guide your child to correct body posture, such as standing upright and alert, learning to move your hands, making eye contact with the audience and the opposing team, etc. Also, make sure your child is well groomed, such as with well-combed hair, polished shoes, etc. It helps in increasing positive as well as impressions.
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guide them on how to proceed in the argument
Teach children the value of being polite during arguments. Because debate or debate is to put forward your strong views and not fight. Help your child to articulate his ideas easily. They should also know when is the right time to speak and when it is important to listen.


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