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Thyroid increases mental problems, has dangerous effects on the body, treat with 5 home remedies


If the thyroid becomes unbalanced, there can be many physical problems as well as mental problems.
Due to thyroid imbalance, mental problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia have to be faced.

How to get rid of Hyperthyroidism: Hormones have a lot of importance in our body. Its quantity is very less but it controls the whole body. The work of control and coordination in the body is of hormones. If it decreases even a little or if its quantity increases even a little, then many diseases start to occur. Thyroid is one of these. Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland near the neck from which thyroid hormone is released. If the thyroid becomes unbalanced, then there can be many physical problems as well as mental problems. Due to thyroid imbalance, mental problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia have to be faced. Thyroid also controls weight, heart and fertility, so disturbances in it will directly affect these things. If thyroid hormone increases then it is called hyperthyroid. On the other hand, when it decreases, it is called hypothyroidism. Both situations are dangerous. Mental problems occur in both types of imbalance but are more in hypothyroidism.

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symptoms of hypo thyroid
Mayo Clinic According to this, if the amount of thyroid in the body becomes less than necessary, then there is excessive worry all the time. The patient starts becoming irritable by nature. Gets angry from time to time. There is difficulty in concentrating on any work. The patient remains depressed and unhappy all the time. There is difficulty in talking or meeting people. Does not feel like doing normal activities. Laziness or low energy is felt throughout the day. There is also fatigue and more cold. At the same time, in some cases the weight also increases. Apart from this, heaviness comes in the voice. Some patients also have constipation. Along with this, the muscles start getting weak. Cramps and stiffness start coming in the muscles. The face starts getting puffy. Periods are heavy in women and hair also becomes thin.

home remedies for thyroid

Iodized Salt-HealthlineK According to this, iodized salt should not be used if the thyroid is low. Apart from this, seafood, dairy products, poultry should also be avoided.

Bugliweed plant-Heart and lungs problems are treated with bugleweed plant. Bugleweed is a plant similar to lavender whose flowers are used for medicinal purposes. Thyroid can also be controlled by this.

lemon balmLemon balm is also a plant that is used to treat thyroid. This is a plant of the mint family which can be easily obtained.

lavender oil-Massage of lavender oil is beneficial to get rid of thyroid problem. Along with this, Sandalwood essential oil can also protect against mental problems in thyroid.

excercise– Just as exercise helps a lot in many other diseases, in the same way, exercise is also beneficial in thyroid problem. Meditation is also beneficial to avoid mental problems in thyroid.

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