Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Thor: Chris Hemsworth is going to be seen nude for the first time in Love and Thunder, said – it was my dream

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, best known for his Marvel movie character Thor, has revealed that he did a nude scene in his upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. He also says that it was a dream for him to give such a nude scene in a film which is now being fulfilled. In the film, Chris has given a nude scene from behind without clothes.

During the red carpet at the film’s premiere, Chris Hemsworth said, ‘This scene took years to do but it’s like a dream to me. The first time I took off my shirt was when I played Thor. And it has taken a long time since then.
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Chris Hemsworth said that everyone sees female actors in nudity but it is different for male actors. The director of the film said that Chris has worked hard to get in shape for this.
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Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman is also going to be seen in the film Thor: Love and Thunder along with Chris Hemsworth. Natalie is seen in the role of Jane Foster in the film. Chris said that working with Natalie is a matter of great pride but she is also jealous. Chris said, ‘I soon came out of this jealousy because it is a pleasure to work with him and he has done a wonderful job.’

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