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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

This year 4300 Indian millionaires may leave the country, know in which countries they can settle

New Delhi: India is emerging as an economic power in front of the world. India has become the fifth largest economy of the world. Meanwhile, a report has revealed that this year around 4,300 millionaires may leave India. This information has been received from the report of a foreign investment company named Henley & Partners. Is it a matter of concern that more than four thousand millionaires are leaving the country and what impact can it have? Let’s understand.

Is this a matter of concern?

Interestingly, despite so many people moving out, India is still producing a lot of new high income individuals (HNWIs) every year. Many of these millionaires run their businesses in India and also have other assets in India. Overall, they help the country’s economy.

The report states that ‘We think there is no need to worry much about so many people leaving, because India is creating more new millionaires every year than the millionaires leaving.’ Not only this, most of the rich people who leave India keep their business and second home in India. This is a good thing for India. Although some people leave the country, India’s economic and business environment remains good and attracts rich people. Many rich people, even if they leave the country and start living somewhere else, keep helping India’s economy through their land and investments.

Many Indian millionaires are moving to UAE

The report states that India is losing a large number of millionaires, these people are mainly going to UAE. Around 128,000 millionaires around the world may go to live in a new country in 2024. Most of these people are going to UAE and America. This migration of rich people is important because it often reveals the economic condition of the country and the reasons for the departure of millionaires from there.

Not good news for middle class people

This is not a good thing for the middle class people of the countries from where millionaires are leaving. This is because the companies started by millionaires create a lot of employment opportunities. For example, companies like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla have employed thousands of people in America. This shows how big an impact the companies of millionaires can have on the economy.

What does the report say?

The departure of millionaires from a country also gives an idea of ​​the economic condition of that country. The report states that if many millionaires are leaving a country, then there is probably a big problem there. Apart from this, the departure of rich people is also not a good sign for the future of the country, because when trouble comes, these people are the first to leave the country.

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