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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

This vine makes all the bones of the world solid, arthritis and osteoporosis will be eradicated from the root, the right way to eat it

Weakness of the bone structure is dangerous. Due to this, even walking can become difficult. Lack of vitamin D and calcium takes away the strength from the bones. This causes osteoporosis. Arthritis pain can also be troublesome. But by using a vine, these diseases can be avoided.

How to make bones stronger? This vine is called Hadjod. It has been given this name because of its ability to strengthen bones. Its correct use is also described in Ayurveda. Let us know how many benefits Hadjod has and what is the way to consume or use it?

Bones will join instantly

Fractures are common due to weakened bones. Osteoporosis also increases the risk of fractures. In Ayurveda, Hadjod is said to join bones. It helps the bones to grow back and gives them strength.

Treating osteoporosis and arthritis

Treating osteoporosis and arthritis

Bone density decreases in osteoporosis. Arthritis causes severe pain. Search It is said that the parts of this vine have the power to reduce osteoporosis markers. It also provides relief in arthritis by reducing inflammation.

Calcium Foods for Bones

metabolic syndrome

metabolic syndrome

This is a group of various problems. Due to which the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes increases. Belly fat, high BP, high blood sugar and increase in cholesterol and triglyceride come under metabolic syndrome. The use of Hadjod helps in controlling them.

All the benefits of hadjod

All the benefits of hadjod
  • Beneficial in piles
  • Lose weight
  • Managing asthma
  • muscle builder
  • reduction in malaria symptoms
  • Relief in period pain
  • Prevents stomach upset

how to eat hadjod

how to eat hadjod

Hadjod powder and juice can be consumed. For a normal and healthy person, taking 2.5 grams of Hadjod powder is appropriate and 10 to 20 ml of juice can be taken. It has to be taken with milk, water or desi ghee. Talk to an Ayurvedic or Naturopathic expert to know the right method for you.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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