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This thing considered as junk food can fill energy in pregnancy

To say that pasta is a foreign dish but it is also very much liked in India. People eat pasta with great interest. Pregnant women can also have a craving to eat pasta (Pasta During Pregnancy). However, before adding pasta to their plate, they should know how safe pasta is for their health and that of their baby. In this article, we are telling you what is the effect of eating pasta during pregnancy.

Can we eat pasta during pregnancy?

You can eat only home made pasta in moderation. Refrain from eating ready-made pasta found outside in restaurants as it is not healthy. At the same time, eating pasta in excess is also harmful. It is better to choose a healthy variety of pasta, such as wholewheat pasta.

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Wholegrain and Wholewheat Pasta

Wholegrain pasta contains fiber and micronutrients that benefit health. These help in lowering the BP and reducing the risk of some chronic problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
This pasta is made from refined and whole wheat flour. It requires less chewing and is more nutritious than white pasta. If you are craving to eat pasta during pregnancy, then you can also choose this variety of pasta.
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what happens when you eat pasta

If you choose a healthy variety of pasta, you get complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly. On the other hand, pasta is a low-glycemic food that controls blood sugar levels, thereby preventing gestational diabetes.

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Follow this diet in pregnancy first trimester

benefits of eating pasta

Pasta is low in sodium due to which there is no effect on BP. Pasta made from wheat contains fiber which works to protect pregnant women from constipation. Pasta is rich in iron, which helps a pregnant woman fight anemia. Pasta is also a great source of B vitamins that can help with fetal development. Pasta is rich in folic acid which protects the baby from neural tube defects. It also contains high amounts of Vitamin A which reduces the risk of infection in pregnancy.

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Why do pasta cravings happen?

When the brain needs glucose, you may crave pasta. The need for glucose can be met by carbs.

Can we eat semolina pasta?

Semolina is beneficial for pregnant women and is an excellent source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is also good for the heart and blood vessels. However, pregnant women should consume it in moderation.

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