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This private island is being sold near London, knowing the specialty will say – shocking! know the price

London :Where do you go on vacation? Most people’s choice is the sea shore or a beautiful island. But just think, if you have your own private island, you will not need any excuse to go there. You have the chance to own an entire island in Scotland, but it’s going to cost you a lot of money. Barlocco, a remote and uninhabited island off the south coast of Scotland, is up for sale. Its price is $ 1,90,000 i.e. around Rs 1.5 crore. A CNN report explains in detail about this island. There is a large pond on the island which serves as a source of water for animals and other species during the winter months. There is a pebbly beach which is accessible by walking at low tide and a boat can also be moored. There are no houses or buildings on the island. The distance from here to the nearest town is about nine km and it takes about an hour by road to reach the nearest railway station.

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563 km from London

According to the report, Aaron Edgar of the Galbraith Group, who is handling the sale of the island, said in a statement, ‘There is a romantic feeling attached to owning a private Scottish island. Here you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some of the most beautiful views around. According to the news, London is only 563 km from this island and Edinburgh is 160 km away.

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rare plants and giant birds

Barlocco Island is about 25 acres in size and is surrounded by lush green grass and rocky dunes that extend to the sea. There is some of the best scenery on the island and some of the biggest seabirds around. The island is home to all kinds of wildlife, including the great black-backed gull. This island rock is home to rare plants like sea lavender and fragrant orchids. The agency hopes that people will show a lot of interest in this island.

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