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This mutual fund made investors rich, investment of Rs 1 lakh turned into Rs 2.38 lakh

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investors generally Invest in any mutual fund. However, they have to suffer the consequences later. It is disappointing not to get the right returns. At the same time, if the right mutual fund is chosen then investors get great benefits. Their investment gets multiplied in the long run. ICICI Prudential Opportunities Fund has been one such fund. This fund has also given excellent returns in the last 3-4 years.

Gave excellent returns since launch

If we talk about returns, if someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in ICICI Prudential India Opportunities Fund in January 2019, then this amount would now have become Rs 2.38 lakh. That means a CAGR return of 20.7 percent has been achieved. If you had invested the same amount in its benchmark Nifty 50 TRI, it would have been only Rs 1.94 lakh. That means a return of 15.5 percent. Not only this, if someone had done a monthly SIP of Rs 10,000 then the total investment amount would have been Rs 5.6 lakh but its value would have become Rs 10.44 lakh. That means even in SIP it is close to double.

No effect of market fluctuations

ICICI Prudential India Opportunities invests in equities using the Flexi Cap strategy. It was mostly large-cap investments till 2021, with more than 70 per cent of investments in equities and the rest in mid and small caps. However, during the last year or so, the fund has changed gears and become more multi-cap in its approach. According to the July 2023 factsheet, it has 59.6 per cent exposure in large caps, 16.4 per cent exposure in midcaps and 13.1 per cent exposure in small caps. As a result, a broad-based special situations portfolio with a longer horizon becomes possible. After the market meltdown of March 2020, the fund bought shares of power, telecom and metals companies when they were all out of favor and made good profits from the subsequent rise. Similarly, before banks’ balance sheet strengthening began in 2021, the fund had significant exposure to the sector.

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