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This Miss India was amazing in sports with glamour, has won gold medal in shooting, also earned name in badminton, this character gave recognition

Mumbai. You may not remember actress Shikha Swaroop, who dominated films and TV in Bollywood in the 90s. But Shikha Swaroop, who played the lead role in the famous TV serial Chandrakanta aired on Doordarshan, has earned a lot of name in sports apart from acting. The personal life of Shikha Swaroop, who spread her acting skills in 11 films and many TV serials, was no less than a roller coaster ride.

Shikha Swaroop has also won the title of Miss India International. Achievements in Shikha’s life were not limited to the world of acting and glamor only. Shikha has been a shooting champion and also a national badminton player. Today we tell you the life story of Shikha Swaroop who played the famous character of Chandrakanta.

Has been a star since college
Born on 23 October 1970 in Delhi’s Punjabi family, Shikha has been very talented since childhood. Shikha Swaroop, who was interested in sports since childhood, used to participate in competitions in school as well. Shikha has been a shooting champion since school days. After completing her schooling in Delhi, Shikha graduated from St. Stephen’s College. At the age of just 18, Shikha had won the title of Miss India International 1988 during her college days. In the same year, Shikha also won the gold medal in the All India Pistol Shooting Championship. This year has been full of achievements for Shikha.

After this, Shikha increased her career towards glamor. Shikha has also been a national player of badminton from the Indian team. After 1988, Shikha stepped into the acting world. Shikha made her Bollywood debut in the year 1990 with the film Police Public. However, this film could not show any special feat.

After this Awaaz De Kahan Hai, Nagmani, Pyaar Hua Chori-Chori films were done. But Shikha got a lot of recognition from the film Tehelka in the year 1992. After this he also did films like Qaida Kanoon, Thanedarni. Shikha Swaroop’s stardom reached the seventh sky when the TV serial Chandrakanta aired on Doordarshan in the year 1994. Shikha Swaroop, who played the role of Princess Chandrakanta in this serial, became famous all over the country. However, Shikha’s stardom did not last long.

Married in 1992
Shikha married Delhi-based businessman Rajeev Lal in the year 1992. After this Shikha continued acting in films and TV serials. Shikha distanced herself from acting after a few years and suddenly disappeared from the industry. After a few years, Shikha’s marriage also did not work and in the year 2011, Shikha got divorced. After some time of divorce, Shikha has also made a comeback in Bollywood. Shikha is still seen acting in TV serials.

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