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This magical oil will breathe life into weak and lifeless hair, everyone will ask the secret of thick hair

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strong and thick hair

Lifestyle and eating habits have a negative impact on health. Along with this, your skin as well as hair become lifeless. In today’s time, everyone is troubled by hair fall, dandruff, gray hair or tri hair, to get rid of which they use the most expensive products from the market, but along with these, they also use oil to keep the hair healthy. Massage is also important. That’s why we have brought for you such a magical oil, using which your hair will become healthy, thick, long and black.

Magical oil will be made by mixing these things

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which provides protein as well as strength to the hair. Along with this, the antioxidant found in it helps in keeping the hair healthy. Talking about Neem, such properties are found which relieve your hair from the problem of dandruff. Whereas Gulhad helps in keeping your hair healthy. Know how to make this magical oil.

Ingredients for Making Oil

  • Half liter of coconut oil.
  • One small cup curry leaves.
  • a small cup of neem leaves
  • One teaspoon fenugreek seeds (soaked overnight).
  • 100 grams dried amla (soaked overnight).
  • 7. Rosehip flowers 3-4
  • some rosehip leaves

Make this magical oil like this

Put all the ingredients except coconut oil in a grinder and make a fine paste. Now put oil in the pan and heat it. Once it becomes hot, add the paste to it and cook on low flame for 30-35 minutes. Keep stirring in between. When the color of the oil turns brown-black. So turn off the heat and let it cool. After it cools down, filter it and store it in a container. If your hair is dry or normal then apply it at night and wash your hair thoroughly in the morning. If you have oily hair, apply this oil one hour before shampooing.

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