Monday, May 29th, 2023

This is the well of death! Your heart will tremble just by seeing it, try it yourself!

Maut Ka Kuan Video: If you have ever seen a circus or a fair, then you must have also seen the stunt of Maut Ka Kuan. This feat is definitely shown in fairs from villages to cities and a large number of people also go to see it. As the name of this stunt is, it is as difficult as it is. At this time, a video related to this feat is going viral, seeing which your breath will stop.

This game is very dangerous, that’s why it has been named ‘Maut Ka Kuan’. Performing stunts on bike is generally considered risky and people are advised not to do it but in the video you will see the person performing the stunt doing such amazing stunts that you will be stunned. It is better to see this creepy stunt yourself, which this person is showing for a few bucks, than saying much about it.

death well and risky game
In the video going viral, you can see a boy riding a bike riding a bike inside the ‘well of death’. This is not a road but a round platform on which this man is riding a bike showing magic. To balance the bike, he/she has not even put his/her feet on either side, but is sitting with his/her feet on one side only. Not only this, he/she suddenly leaves both hands and starts waving them in the air, while the bike is seen running fast inside the ‘well of death’. This man is not scared at all but the breath of the onlookers is getting stuck with his/her every move.

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