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This is the last road in the world, where people are strictly prohibited to go alone and drive

This question must have come in your mind that where is the world ending, which is the end of the world? But only someone would be able to answer this question for you. Can not say anything about the end of the world, but yes there is such a road, which is believed to be the last road in the world, in front of which there is no road and there is no other place. Just in front are the sea and glaciers. It is believed that its world ends. Let us tell you about the last road in the world.
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The road is known as –

You may have heard of the North Pole, which is the farthest northern point on Earth. This is the point where the Earth’s axis rotates. This is also the last end of Norway. The road leading from here is considered to be the last road in the world. Let us tell you, this road is famous from E-69, which connects the ends of the earth and Norway. This is the road, from which there is no way ahead, you will see only snow, ice and sea.

It is forbidden to go and drive alone.

Because of being the last end of the world, everyone wants to see this place, after all, how does this place look. But let us tell you, there is a ban on going alone and driving here. Actually, E-69 is a highway, which is about 14 kilometers long. There are many places on this highway, where it is forbidden to walk or drive alone. If you want to visit here, then you have to go in a group together. The reason for going here together is that this place is covered with a thick sheet of snow, due to which there is always a danger of getting lost.

The sun does not rise for 6 months –


There are some other surprising things about this place as well. Let us tell you, due to this road being near the North Pole, it is always night here in winter and the sun does not set in summer. Sometimes the sun is not visible here for 6 months, which means that the people living here stay in the dark for six months. The temperature here ranges from minus 43 °C to minus 26 °C in summer, while the average temperature in summer is around zero °C.

This place is very different from the world –

There used to be a fish business here earlier, although from the year 1930 onwards this place started developing and in the year 1934, tourists started coming here. Due to this people got a different means of earning. Here you will now be shown many restaurants and hotels. Many people from all over the world keep coming here to visit. It is a different adventure to see the drowning Roojan and see the polar lights at this place.

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