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This formula has twisted the mind, 90 percent of the people accepted defeat, did you know the correct answer?

Solve This Tricky Puzzle: There used to be a time when people did not have mobiles and TVs, so how would they spend their free time? This was the time when riddles were in vogue. Whether it was riddles to be solved in words or riddles entangled in mathematical numbers, these were a good way of spending time. Once again, the trend of such riddles has started even in the age of internet.

Till now you have solved different types of optical illusions, but today we have come up with a very different engaging puzzle for you. In this puzzle, we are going to present a formula in front of you. After seeing this, you have to tell that what is actually being said in this sentence. You take a look at this challenge, it is very funny.

What is hidden in the formula?
There are many things in our life, which we know but have to be reminded again and again. A similar thing has been put in front of the people this time as a formula. ‘p 2 1/2 g1 is 1/2 r’, here is the strange puzzle you have to solve. The funny thing is that there is no rocket science in this but people’s mind is wandering in decoding it. You just look at this picture, do you know if you understand the question here more clearly and you can answer it.

This is actually a formula, which you have to decode.

Riddle tells the philosophy of life
By the way, we hope that the genius people must have found the answer, that too within 10-12 seconds. If you could not do this, do not worry, take some more time and think, it is very easy.

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The saying formula is ‘Education is the basis of life.’

For those who are still struggling, the answer is that the formula is saying ‘Education is the base of life’. P is written in Hindi but it is written in two and a half maths, in English then one and then in maths, it is fine there but half maths is in base and R is in Hindi. Isn’t this a fun challenge.

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