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This feature related to browsing history will come soon in Google Chrome, you will get convenience in this work

Google Chrome: Google often keeps adding new features to its web browser Google Chrome Browser. These features only make Google’s browser different from other browsers. While increasing the series of these features, Google is ready to add another new feature to its browser. The name of the new feature is Quick Delete. Under the quick delete feature, you will be able to easily delete the browsing history of the last 15 minutes. So far, this information has not been revealed that when this feature will be officially rolled out for the users. Let’s know the details of the feature in the news.

15 minute history will be deleted in seconds
Currently, Android and iOS users get the option to delete the browsing history of 4 weeks, 7 days, 24 hours and the last one hour in the Chrome browser. According to a report by ChromeStory, a feature named Quick Delete is about to be added to Google Chrome. Through the feature, users will be able to delete the browsing history of the last 15 minutes in a few seconds. The special thing is that the support of the feature will be given in both Android and iOS. By the way, Google has not yet made an official announcement regarding the roll out of this feature. However, after the introduction of this feature, you will not need to select and delete each website used in the last 15 minutes.

Testing new security features
Recently, it was also revealed that Google has brought a Fake Website Blocker feature, which prevents users from using fake websites as well as downloading malicious files and gives warnings. If seen, Google has been trying to make its Chrome browser secure for the last several years. In the recent past, the company has rolled out many security features, along with this, work is being done on many features.

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