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This elderly Stan who is chained in the hospital is not the owner, know the truth of this picture


  • 84-year-old Stan Swamy passed away on the day of bail hearing
  • Treatment was going on in a private hospital for a month on the instructions of HC
  • Pictures of an old man from UP went viral on social media after his death
  • The person seen in the photo is said to be the Stan owner, while the prisoner in Etah is

New Delhi
Social activist Stan Swamy, who was jailed in the Bhima Koregaon case, passed away on Monday. He was 84 years old. He had Parkinson’s and other diseases. After his death, a round of reactions of people started on social media. The picture of an elderly man is becoming very viral and he is being described as Stan Swami, while that picture is of someone else.

In the shared picture, an elderly prisoner admitted to the hospital is seen. There are fetters in his feet. Several posts along with the picture have claimed that he is the Stan owner. It is an attempt to tell that even in such circumstances, they were kept tied with shackles. It was written in a post that this is the ‘brutalest picture of the dictatorship of the Narendra Modi government’.

What is the truth of this picture?
This photo, which is being viral as Stan Swami, is actually of 90-year-old Baburam. He is a prisoner in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh. This picture of Baburam is from May 2021 when he was admitted to the hospital after suffering from breathing problems. When the prison administration had tied the prisoner to the bed keeping human rights at bay. The shackles were opened after the photo went viral. Our report about that incident clicking here can read.

Information about the death given to the court during the hearing
During the hearing of the bail application in the Mumbai High Court on Monday, the doctor of Holy Family Hospital in Bandra informed about Stan’s death. He was admitted to this hospital on May 28 on the instructions of the High Court. Justice S.S. Shinde and Justice N.J. The hearing on Stan’s bail application began at around 2.30 pm on Monday before Jamdar’s bench.

Stan master

Stan’s lawyer Mihir Desai told the bench that Dr D’Souza, who was treating Stan Swamy, wanted to tell the bench something. Dr D’Souza said, ‘Father Stan Swamy has passed away. He suffered a heart attack on Saturday at 4:30 am. Despite many efforts, he could not be brought to his senses.

84 years old, parkinson, corona… know the connection of ailing father stan swami and bhima koregaon violence

autopsy report summoned
The bench said, “We are sorry that Stan has passed away. We are shocked.’ The bench directed the authority to conduct the postmortem of Stan’s body and submit its autopsy report. During the last hearing, Stan’s counsel had informed the bench that his blood pressure was falling and he was feeling weak.


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