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This cheap car is going to be closed! Alto has lost its luster, these could be 10 reasons


Renault Kwid was launched in 2015, it is very good looking.
Despite this, 59 units of the car were sold in the last month of January itself.
There is also news that the company is considering discontinuing it.

Renault Kwid Major Problems: Renault Kwid is the cheapest car of the company to say. Its price also starts from Rs.4.70 only. It looks very nice to see. This car was launched in 2015. In the beginning, it was liked a lot, but what happened in a few years, that its sales suddenly decreased. Last month has been the worst for Renault Kwid. Only 59 people have bought this car. Whereas, last year in the month of January itself, 2,344 units of the car were sold. Now its sales have declined wildly.

There is also news that the company is considering discontinuing it. However, no official statement has come about this. Today, let’s know why people are shying away from buying this car even after it is cheap. People are preferring to leave it and buy Maruti Suzuki’s Alto.

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Based on the feedback received from the customers of Kwid, 10 shortcomings have emerged in it, which are known in turn.

1. The Kwid gets a single wiper instead of two for the front windshield. This means that a large part of the screen is not properly lit, due to which there is a problem in driving.

The price of the base variant of Renault Kwid AT starts from Rs. 5.61 Lakh.

2. The rear wheel arch of the Kwid has been designed in such a way that the size of the rear door has been kept slightly smaller. That’s why the windows are not able to open completely. This adds to the problem of making the cabin a little ventilated.

3. The first complaint from Kwid owners or anyone who drives the car is that its engine is quite noisy. Refinement is not visible in its engine.

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4. As good as the Kwid looks, there have been complaints about its build quality. The poor build quality of the car means that it is prone to major damage in case of a collision.

5. Another concern for Kwid owners is the material used to build the car. The oil chamber under the engine in the Kwid is made of plastic. The oil chamber made of plastic is more prone to breaking on bad roads.

People are preferring to leave it and buy Maruti Suzuki’s Alto.

6. The dial switch AMT in the automatic gearbox model of the Kwid is a hassle to use. Some people who use it often tell that the switch has to be rotated several times to change the option mode.

7. Another thing that Kwid owners often complain about is the poor build quality of the car. There is a lot of vibration and noise in the Kwid’s cabin. There is unnecessary noise even during braking.

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8. Some Kwid owners have complained that while driving in start/stop traffic with the AC on, there is no accelerator response as soon as you come to a complete stop and try to get back up and running.

9. There is also a problem with its accelerate pedal. Once you take your foot off the pedal, it takes a long time for the pedal to return to its original position. This can be very annoying when you are driving.

10. Kwid customers tell more about a problem. They say that there is a sudden loss of power while the car is moving. No matter how fast it is going. This problem can be very dangerous while driving.

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