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This challenge will blow your mind, the doll is hidden among the toys, find it comfortably in 15 seconds!

Can you find the Hidden Doll Among Toys: By the way, it is human nature that he/she keeps on looking for something different. Especially if we have to find one thing from the heap of many things, we take it as a challenge and try to give our best. One such picture is going viral at the moment, in which people have been challenged to find a doll.

You have solved more than one optical illusion. Sometimes the animal has been found from behind the blocks and sometimes the objects have been found from black and white photographs. Not only this, you have also solved the riddles of words and maths. Today a different picture is being presented to you, in which finding a small toy is really a difficult task.

find a doll in the picture
Things were shown very clearly for you in the confusing pictures given till now, so you are being given time accordingly. Usually, where you find things in 6-9 seconds, this time you are being given full 15 seconds. Here the crowd of toys is also more and they are all colourful. In such a situation, it is not going to be easy for you to find the doll. Research shows that such tasks speed up the functioning of our brain.

The timer is set for 15 seconds and you have to find a doll among the toys. (Credit- Channel Mum)

Were you able to complete the challenge?
This challenge is proving to be very tricky for everyone because the doll may not be what you are imagining. Let us also give you a hint that the doll does not have a full face, but it is present among a pile of toys.

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You can also see the answer in the picture. (Credit- Channel Mum)

If you look at the picture from the bottom left side, you will see the head of the doll. You can also see the answer in the picture.

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