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This bridge like a magic, such a marvel of engineering, the bridge keeps shrinking and disintegrating!

Circle Bridge: We have received some of the best things from nature, which fascinates us with their beauty. At the same time, man has also prepared some such samples of his/her engineering skills, which we are surprised to see. Some such amazing things include high-rise buildings to unique bridges, after seeing which one would only start thinking how it would have been built?

A similar bridge also exists near Copenhagen Harbour, the capital of Denmark. It works to connect the surrounding areas of this place. It also works like a normal bridge, but its design and engineering is such that you have never seen before. A video of this bridge is going viral on social media, after seeing which people have started speculating whether it is fake or real.

bridge looks like a ship
This bridge has been built over a canal. For this, 5 balls of different sizes have been made, which are joined together with the help of steel wires. Its design has been prepared according to pedestrians and cyclists. It has a total of 110 steel-strong wires, which are tied to the tip of the 5 pillars of the bridge. The bridge has been designed by the famous engineer Olafur Eliasson. Cyclists and pedestrians can reach the Inner Harbor from the Island Bridge through this bridge, which opened in the year 2015.

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