Monday, March 27th, 2023

They worship stones, we only believe in Allah… What did Pakistani say on India?

Islamabad : There are two types of people in Pakistan. One who likes India, wants good relations with Indians and advises his/her government to improve relations with India. Others are those people who hate India and Indian culture. Whenever they get a chance, they spew venom against India. When a Pakistani YouTuber interacted with such a person, he/she made many controversial comments against India. A citizen of a country with poor economy said that ‘there is no comparison between us and India’. Pakistan Untold Twitter handle has shared its video on Twitter.

Pakistani citizen tells YouTuber, ‘Have you seen India? Have you seen any city of India? I have seen the city of India. There people sleep hungry, sleep on footpaths. You go… Show me here, someone sleeping hungry on the footpath, then I will agree.’ In response, the YouTuber says, ‘This is not the time to close your eyes.’ The man says, ‘When the pigeon closes its eyes, the cat does not get scared of him/her. Which country are you talking about? There is a lot of difference between them and us.

Pakistani citizen kept on cheating

The man says, ‘We drink cow’s milk, they drink urine. Would you compare them with us? They consider the stone as their god, which they themselves make. We ask from Allah. The YouTuber says, ‘We can’t call them bad.’ The Pakistani continues his/her sarcasm, ‘I have a question, when the Muslims fought the first war, there were 313, and the target was three and a half thousand. Muslims did not end at that time. Today the population of Muslims is 2 billion. Muslims and faith have not ended with anyone and will not end. They can do whatever they want.

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‘When I went to India, I felt that I have come to the future’

On the other hand, there is Uzair Yunus, a foreign policy expert from Pakistan, who while praising India says that it is very difficult to match it. Recently Uzair had come to India. he/she said that ‘as soon as I stepped into India, I felt that I had come to the future’. his/her interview is available on a YouTube channel called ‘The Pakistan Experience’. he/she exposed his/her country and said that many lies are being spread in Pakistani politics to spread hatred against India.

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