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These things of daily use will clean the tears of clothes, if used once then they will say – wow what a thing

How To Remove Fuzz From Woolen Clothes: Everyone uses woolen clothes in the winter season. Woolen clothes give us relief from the cold, but a big problem often comes in front of us in these clothes. This problem is the release of tears in the clothes. When the cloth is new it looks very beautiful but if tears come out in it then it looks very ugly. Although the problem of weeping occurs in all types of clothes, but this problem remains more in woolen clothes.

If there is even a little carelessness with woolen clothes, then it can cause a lot of damage. That’s why special care has to be taken for their safety. If hair has come out in your woolen clothes, then today we are going to tell you some such methods by which you can easily remove the hair and the clothes will also be safe for a long time….

  • You can use a razor to remove lint from clothes. You take a razor and rub it on the weeping area, it will clear the weeping. While operating the razor, keep in mind that do not use it on the threaded area.

  • Although it may sound strange, but Scratch Brite, a dishwashing detergent, can remove lint from your clothes. Gently rub Scratch Brite onto the weeping area. Be careful not to apply too much force while removing the tears.

  • Not only razor and scratch bright, but electric trimmer with shaving is also effective in removing hair. Like the razor, the trimmer also has to be run at the place where the hair grows. While using all these, just keep in mind that use it with light hands. The thread should not get stuck, otherwise the cloth may get damaged.

Curry leaves not only enhance the taste of food, it also cures problems like blood sugar and hair fall.

  • You can also use cello tape to remove lint from woolen or other clothes. For this, you have to apply cello tape where you cry and then remove it with light hands.

  • If there is too much hair in the clothes, then you can also use the comb with which you straighten your hair. While removing the hair from the comb, just keep in mind that the comb should be fine so that the hair gets trapped in it properly and be careful while moving it, because if the comb gets stuck in the thread, your cloth may get damaged.

  • Apart from this, you can also use the lint remover available in the market. Place the lint remover on the lint area and press lightly so that the lint gets into the remover well and then pull it out.

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