Sunday, June 4th, 2023

These restaurants of Delhi remain open even after 12 midnight, if you feel hungry, you will get very hot food here


If you are a student or working, then you must be awake till late night. It is natural to feel hungry in such a situation. By the way, if you ask the truth, no one likes to eat roti and vegetables in the night. At this time, I feel like eating something tasty and spicy. But the problem is that all the hotels and restaurants close by 11 pm. Nothing can be ordered in such a situation.
If you are worried about this thing, then there are many such restaurants in Delhi, which remain open even after 12 midnight. If you are looking for a cheap meal, these restaurants will not let you down. Interestingly, you will not find most of these restaurants on Zomato or Swiggy. So if you feel like eating something late night, then definitely read about the restaurants or vendors mentioned here.

Paratha wala under Narayan flyover

If you’re hungry at midnight, head to Paratha Wala under the Narayan flyover. Here you will find Keema, Aloo, Paneer, Mix, Cabbage, Egg Parathas. That too very hot. Here two people can easily fill their stomach by eating paratha for Rs.100.

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Rajma Chawal Wala near Shivaji Stadium –

Rajma rice is very popular in Delhi. So if you want to taste it late at night, then reach Shivaji Stadium, which is located near the bus stop at Connaught Place. There is a lot of crowd here till 4 pm on weekends. This place is best for late night partygoers, where two people can eat a full meal for a total of 200 rupees.

Palika Bazar: There is also an American market in Delhi, you can get 500 rupees in 200 rupees

Food Van Noida Sector 58 –


Whenever you get hungry at night, the food van Wala is always open for you in Sector 58, Noida. Noodles, Pasta, South Indian, Maggi, Parathas are all available here. Here the number of workers of multinational companies, who have night shift, is seen more. Here you will get all kinds of dish items for around 120 rupees.

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Kebab Wala in Old Delhi

If you feel like eating kebabs in the middle of the night, then you should go to Hauz Khas Lane in Old Delhi. The kebab shop in the street opposite Jama Masjid is very old. Here two plates of 4 kebabs with 10 rupali rotis are available for Rs 150.

Want to save money on Shaadi? Reach Asia’s biggest market ‘Chor Bazar’, the whole bag will be filled in 500 rupees

Kachori Samosa seller outside Bangla Sahib

Kachori Samosa Wala is very famous outside Bangla Sahib located at Cot Place. Even though the Gurudwara’s kitchen closes at 11:30, the Kachori Samosa wala here remains open even after 12 in the night. Hot tea, samosas and kachoris are available here throughout the night. Here in a total of 80 forms, the hunger of two people can be easily satisfied.

Egg Bhurji Wala at New Delhi Railway Station

If you feel hungry late at night, you go to Delhi station. Due to the hustle and bustle here, many restaurants stay open all night. Just outside the station stands a hawker who sells hot egg bhurji like hot cakes. For 60 rupees you will get a plate of Egg Bhurji, that too very hot.

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Chai Maggi Wala Near HUDA City Metro Station-

Youngsters mostly crave for Maggi with tea late at night. If you are also a Maggi fan, pick up a bike and reach Gate No. 1 of HUDA City Center Metro Station with your friends. Here the hawkers standing near the gate serve hot tea and Maggi.


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