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These names of baby boy have been brought from special Tibet, see the list of the most beautiful and cutest names

A daughter has been born and now you are worried about naming her? You are not alone in this work, but many parents like you are busy in finding the cutest name for their daughter. If you are also looking for a name for your baby girl, then list of tibetan names can also see. Yes, you can also choose any Tibetan name for your baby and most importantly, these names are similar to Indian names. So let’s know about Tibetan names for baby girl.

baby girl names

  • Amla: This name refers to the ‘respected mother’ in Tibetan. In Arabic and Italian, the name refers to the bird, hope, love, immaculateness, or purity.
  • Amrita: This name starts with the letter ‘A’. The meaning of name Amrita is ‘eternal life’. It also has many other meanings, including ‘beloved, immortal, beloved, nectar, divine or endless’.
  • Diki: This Tibetan name for baby girl. The meaning of name Diki is Healthy and wealthy. You can choose this Tibetan name for your baby girl.
  • Emma: You can name your daughter Emma. It’s a short and cute name. The meaning of name Ema is happiness, feeling of enthusiasm.
  • Hariti: This is also the name of a goddess in Tibet. The meaning of name Hariti is “protector of children”.


If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘J’, you can name her Jaya. The meaning of name Jaya is victory and victory. The name is of Sanskrit origin.

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The name Maya is also very much liked in India. The meaning of name Maya is magic and illusion. It is the name of the mother of Lord Buddha. If you are looking for a religious name, then you can choose the name Maya.

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The meaning of name Rinzen is talent or intelligence. The name is of Tibetan and Buddhist origin. If your daughter’s name originates from the letter ‘R’ and you are looking for a unique name for her, go for the name Rinzen.

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The name Ritveja would also be a lovely addition to your baby girl. The Tibetan girl’s name refers to the Ritweja monk. If you are looking for unique name, then you might like the name Ritveja.

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If the name of the daughter comes out of the letter ‘S’, you can name her Samaya. The meaning of name Samaya is “sacred promise”.

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Jaya is a Tibetan name and the name is very much liked there. The name Jaya in Tibetan means ever-thriving.

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The name refers to the liberating mother. Tara is the goddess of meditation who is worshiped by Tibetans and is called the female Buddha.

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