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These names are perfect for babies born in the sweet winter of Christmas

Hearing the name of Christmas, the heart of the children blossoms and the elders also eagerly wait for this festival. If Christmas is one of your favorite festivals for you too, then you can choose one of the names associated with this festival for your baby boy. Here we are telling you some such names for baby girl which are related to Christmas and God.

name for baby girl

  • Angel: The origin of this name is from the Greek language and its style is boho. The meaning of this name is Angel. You can name your baby girl Shahrukh.
  • Angelica: This name comes from the Latin language and is a modern name. This name is also seen associated with Christmas. If you are looking for a modern name for your baby girl then you can go for the name Angelica.


If your daughter’s name originates from the letter ‘A’, then you can name her Angelina. The meaning of name Angelina is “messenger of god or god”. The name Angelina comes from the Spanish language and is also preferred in the Italian and Greek languages.


You can also choose this modern name for your baby girl. The meaning of name Alisa is “protected by god”. Alisa is a name of Scottish origin and is very popular in India as well.


This name is very much liked in the British. Bianca is the name of the Italian style and you can see it associated with the white Christmas tree. You can give this beautiful name to your little angel.

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If you also want modern or looking for english names, then you might like the name Christina. Christina is a Latin language name and comes from the word Christian. The meaning of name Christina is “follower of god”.


if your daughter The name is derived from the letter ‘K’ So you can name it Crystal. The name Crystal comes from the Greek language and is a modern name. Crystal would be a perfect name for children born in winter.


Starting with the letter ‘A’, this name is derived from the Greek language. This is the name of vintage style. The meaning of name Alina is “bright and shining light”. People who like modern name can choose this name.


You can also choose the name Natalia for your baby girl. The name Natalia comes from the Latin language and is a modern name. The name Natalia is derived from the word Natalie which means birthday. It is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ and is perfect for girls born on Christmas.

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These lovely names of baby girl and boy are made on the theme of Christmas, heart will be happy to see the list

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