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These makeup looks will dominate in 2023, see a glimpse of them

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Makeup looks 2023

Women’s life is incomplete without makeup. Every year new makeup looks trend. This year, some makeup looks were very much discussed in the country and the world and were greatly liked in social media, runways and glamor world. New makeup looks were seen this year. While last year matte makeup looks were in trend, this year people liked glittery eyes and metallic look. What are these makeup looks and why were they liked? Let us tell you.

These makeup looks are in trade this year

major metallic

Metallic eye look has been in trend for many years. But this year major metallic looks dominated. There was a lot of discussion about extra glowy highlighter with shiny makeup look. From Jhanvi Kapoor to Suhana Khan tried this makeup look a lot. To create this makeup look, use shimmery, metallic eyeshadow on the eyes.

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Pumpkin Spice Makeup

Pumpkin Spice Makeup

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Pumpkin Spice Makeup

Pumpkin spice makeup was in the news this year. This year, people tried this look a lot on reels also. In this makeup look a monochromatic look is created. It also gives uniform tone to your eyes, lips and cheeks.

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Double black liner and glossy eyes

Double black liner and glossy eyes

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Double black liner and glossy eyes

Black liner has never gone out of style. But this year double black liner dominated the makeup world. After drawing a regular cat eye liner on the top lid, draw another line just below it. People also like glossy eyes very much. This makeup look also became very popular among the people. This look looks good even on nude eyes.

party red lips

Red lips never go out of trend. But Hollywood actress Taylor Swift once again brought red lips into trend. Everyone from actresses to models used red lipstick this year. Because of which this look remained in discussion.

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