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These are some of the last 5 villages of India, whose two steps start crossing the borders of many countries.

With a length of over 3,000 km from north to south, nearly 3,000 km from east to west and a coastline of over 7,000 km, India is truly unique in terms of its topography. On every kilometer you will get to see a different altitude, scenery and culture. There are many cities in the country, where the noise and alcohol will definitely bother you, so once visit some such village of the country and see where the nature and peace will make your heart and mind happy. There are some villages in India whose lines are connected with other countries. Means the border of other country will be visible only after two steps. Let us tell you about those places.

Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh

Chitkul is located in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh along the old Tibet trade route. The steep slope from the Charang Pass creates an open passage to Chitkul and the Baspa River. Chitkul offers 180-degree views of the Himalayas, which are quite new to the tourists coming here. It is the last village of India along the Tibet border. The valley is characterized by apple orchards, tin-roofed houses and a river flowing on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other. Travelers can often be seen eating food and having tea from the last dhaba shop of India. The uneven rocky paths and local architecture make the village quite distinct.

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Moreh, Manipur


Moreh, situated before the Indo-Myanmar border, is the place where people especially come here for shopping. Also, one of the important things that this place is known for is the commercial center here. The streets of Moreh are lined with shops selling everything from handicrafts to electronics. The market appears like a canvas. The culture and lifestyle of Moreh is similar to that of the border country town of Tamu, which is located just 5 kilometers across the border.

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Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu


In history and mythology, Dhanushkodi is far away from civilization and many main things. With the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, Dhanushkodi is a strip of land only a kilometer wide. After the devastating cyclone in 1964, this city had become a haunt for the people. This place is quite far from Talaimannar of Sri Lanka, 20 kilometers, the only way to stay connected with India is Pamban Bridge.

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Jhulaghat, Uttarakhand


Divided by a natural international border, Jhulaghat is located on the Indian side and Jhulaghat on the Nepal side. The suspension bridge over the river is a special point for people to visit, this small town is located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand and is adorned by the river and the high peaks of the Himalayas. Jhulaghat is visited by religious and adventure loving tourists.

Turtuk, Ladakh


Beyond its steep valleys, strong wind and allure, Ladakh is also the cultural center of a small community. Not only this, it is also home to Turtuk, the last Indian village before the border with Pakistan begins. Situated on the banks of the Shyok River on the Gilgit-Baltistan border, this place is much more peaceful, Turtuk has become a part of India after the 1971 war. You can walk around the village to hear some interesting things about the village on both sides of the border.

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