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These 5 things bought for the first child do not work for others, diseases come in the circle of saving money

Most of us save or keep all the things of the first child, so that it can be used by the second child later. If you are also saving the things you bought for your first child, then you need to pay a little attention. Actually, after having the first child, we buy many expensive and designer things for the baby. Even though these things are not needed after the child grows up, but most of us keep them just so that all these things can be useful for the other child and there is no extra money spent.

However, until the mother of the first child and the arrival of the second child, parenting style And even your needs may change. If you can reuse any baby items all over again, there are some items you definitely shouldn’t reuse. In this article, we are telling you about those baby items that you have to buy for another child and you should not be careless about it, otherwise the health of the baby may suffer.

baby wear

If your first child was a boy and you have given birth to a girl for the second time, boy clothes may still work for you. You can use his jeans, shorts and t-shirt. But many times, the clothes keep looking better than the old ones, in such a situation you may feel the need to buy new clothes.

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Bibs and nappies-

The cloth which is put on the clothes of the child while feeding is called Bibs. Bibs used by older children and nappies Not worth using again. These things are used daily, so it is normal for them to get stained. Sometimes they become so stinky that even after washing, their smell does not go away. Try not to use them for another child. Especially if there is a long gap between children, then you should buy new bibs and loincloths for the other child.

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diaper bag

Due to excessive use, diaper bags get spoiled very quickly. Apart from this, if you have also bought a shoulder bag to keep diapers on becoming a mother for the first time, then it is not necessary that you would like to use it for the second time also. Maybe now you are in the mood to buy a backpack style bag. In such a situation, include it in the other child’s shopping list as well.

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soother and tether

when the child teeth falling out If so, we give them a suther or teether to chew on. This will satisfy your child’s desire to bite and make it your own. stop thumb sucking is a safe method. Reusing such products that a child ingests can be harmful as older products may be contaminated. Apart from this, children chew them half, due to which it becomes half spoiled. So instead of giving an old teether, definitely buy a new suitor or teether for another child.

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Bottles and Pacifiers

The same applies to bottles as well. Many a times the milk and water bottle used by the child in the past does not spoil. In such a situation, every woman who becomes a mother for the second time thinks that it will be useful for the second child. But perhaps they do not know that the nipples of bottles get contaminated if stored for a long time without use. Hence, it is always advisable to buy new feeding bottles and pacifiers for your second baby so that your little one’s health is not affected.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Malviya Nagar, Delhi Senior Consultant Pediatrics Dr. Pawan Kumar They also recommend that the things taken in the mouth of children should not be shared with anyone else. This can spread infection and children’s immunity is weak, so they find it difficult to fight diseases or infections.

photo credit: TOI

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