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These 5 drinks get ice cold in summer, their nutrition is necessary for children

You will also agree with this that thirst is felt a lot in the summer season and to quench this thirst, you start drinking cold drinks or soda drinks. These are the wrong ways to quench thirst and such beverages are not at all good for children. To quench the thirst and remove the heat in the summer, you should give some special drinks to the children. These drinks not only quench the thirst of children, but also give them nutrition and dehydration also remove.

Here we are telling you which beverages you can give to children above one year of age to quench their thirst, but before that, know that babies below 6 months of age should be given only breast milk or milk. formula milk It should be fed. A 6 to 12 month old baby can also drink a small amount of water. Experts say that after the child is one year old, he should start feeding cow’s milk. The drinks we are telling you about here are for children older than one year.


Water hydrates the body, regulates body temperature and prevents constipation and urinary tract infections. It also does not add any calories or sugar to the baby’s diet.

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coconut water

Coconut water is very healthy for babies. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which child dehydration save from. It also replenishes the natural salts released from the body during sweating.

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lemonade vitamin C It is rich in iron which helps in absorption of iron. It also gives a feeling of coolness in summer. Make lemonade for your child at home and do not add salt or sugar to it. Lemonade made in the market contains a lot of sugar, artificial flavour, color and preservatives, which are not good for your baby’s health.

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fruit juice

Doctors say that fruit juice should be given to the child only after he is two years old. For a child of two to five years, you prepare fruit juice at home. Do not give him more than 125 ml of juice in a day. Do not drink packaged juices as they contain sweeteners and artificial flavours.

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vegetable juice

Like fruit juice, you can also give vegetable juice to your child. Although it is better to eat fruits and vegetables than juice, but when thirsty, you can give home-made juice to the child.

Ayurvedic doctor Sharad Kulkarni also advises children to stay hydrated with healthy drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, lemonade in summers.

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