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These 3 mistakes will damage your electric vehicle in summer

Photo: CANVA These 3 mistakes will damage your electric vehicle in summer

EV battery tips for summer: Due to the rapidly rising prices of petrol and diesel, the demand for electric vehicles has increased worldwide. A country like Norway will start running completely on electric vehicles in a few years. In India too, people are showing more trust in electric vehicles than diesel-petrol vehicles. But do you know that in the summer season special care has to be taken of the electric vehicle. In summer, three small mistakes of yours can cause damage to the vehicle.

parking in the sun

Experts say that whether it is a scooty, bike or car, we should not park our electric vehicles in the hot sun for too long. Actually, the speed of the electric vehicle depends on its battery and by standing the vehicle in the sun for too long, their battery becomes very hot. When we take it out of the park to start it, the load on the hot battery increases. Due to excessive heat of the battery, there is also a risk of fire in it.

Quick charge after ride

The increasing temperature in summer also affects the battery of the electric vehicle. After running the electric vehicles, their battery starts heating up, so experts say that we should never charge the battery immediately after the ride. This increases the risk of overheating of the battery. If the vehicle’s battery is down or you just came from a long ride, let the battery cool down first. Only then put it on charge.

don’t overcharge

Most people leave the electric vehicle on charge during the night, which is very wrong. We have to understand that the battery of an electric vehicle works like a smartphone. It uses only lithium-ion batteries, which perform best when charged between 30 and 80 percent. This also increases the life of the battery. Therefore, charging the battery of an electric vehicle to 100 percent should always be avoided.

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